Vision Statement:

To fulfill our purpose in what God has called us to do:

  • To praise and worship God with our instruments, talents, and abilities.
  • To war against the enemies of God
  • To celebrate and rejoice in our God
  • To help and assist the worship team in ushering in the presence of the Lord.
  • To help establish an atmosphere in which the Spirit of God can move.
  • To lift up a standard against the enemies of God

About Us:

Dancing before the Lord is a humbling experience; one totally abandons himself to the act of expressing love and joy to the Lord. It is intimate and personal and is not expressed for the sake of the observer. Creative Arts is dedicated to taking our worship into the throne room of heaven.  As a ministry we enjoy teaching and guiding people further in their worship to the Lord, and the freedom that comes with dancing unto Him.

The power of man’s traditions has been one of God’s greatest enemies. A true worshiper will embrace the truth of God’s Word over man’s tradition in every area.

We hope you are blessed by God’s presence which He manifests within our group and your passion for the Lord grows as you learn more about having freedom in dance and worship. 

“Praise him with the tambourine & dancing, praise him with the strings & flute.” Psalm 150:4  

“Again you will take up your tambourines & go out to dance with the joyful.” Jeremiah 31:4