About Me:

Andy & Mafe McDaniel are the Young Adult Pastor at FC and lead a weekly service on Thursday nights for 18-29 years. Andy received his bachelor’s degree in Church Ministries from Southwestern States Theological Seminary in 2002 and is a current 3rd-Year student at CFNI studying Marketplace Ministry and Kingdom Ethics. Mafe is a 2014 Graduate of CFNI with a BA in Church Ministries and also attended WYAM to complete their DTS program in Colombia before moving to the US in 2010. Andy and Mafe where married on April 18, 2015 and are still enjoying their 1st year of marriage.


Madison (10) and Presley (6).

Favorite Scripture:

Exodus 14:4; Luke 4:18-19

Favorite Book:

"The Radical Cross" -A.W. Tozer / "Brave & Beautiful" - Fiona Mellet

Favorite Place to Vacation:

Central & South America / Israel 2016

Favorite Place to Eat:

Colombian / Italtan.

iPod Favorites:

Hillsong United, M83, Marcus Witt, Marcela Gandara, Carlos Vives


Running / Shopping & Travel

Regular Order at Starbucks:

Tall Dark Coffee (clover brewed) / Caramel Frappe with extra Caramel