About Me:

Connie loves the deaf community and feels God called her 35 years ago to minister to them about the salvation of Jesus.  Connie has been a faithful supporter of FC for 30 years and has been the Pastor of the deaf for the last 20 years. Connie is also a State Certified Interpreter. She interpreters out in the community part time. Connie worked in the same high school for 30 years as an educational interpreter.  She is considered one of the best athletic interpreters in the area.  She's had a very successful deaf sign choir for over eight years. Connie was raised in church by very Godly parents


Connie is the proud mother to three children and four grandchildren. Carrie (the oldest) is leading praise and worship for a cowboy church. Cade, is a very successful teacher touching lives everyday, hitting instructor and has many more "irons in the fire". Stef has worked very hard to get her teaching certificiate degree and is an awesome teacher and mom. All of Connie's grandchildren are the" apple of her eye". Connie thanks God for her family as they are all serving the Lord.

Favorite Scripture:

Proverbs 3:5

Favorite Book:

The Bible

Favorite Place to Vacation:

Anywhere on a cruise

Favorite Place to Eat:

Texas Roadhouse

iPod Favorites:

Southern gospel songs and Black gospel


Coaching grandkids volleyball and softball teams and attending all their games.

Regular Order at Starbucks:

Nada, nothing