Get Plugged In

Have you ever been to a great church but just had a hard time plugging in?  We have.  So we’ve made it as easy as possible to, not only get plugged in here but to, discover your purpose in life and get busy doing it.  Here’s how . . .

Community 101

Session one shares the story and history of Family Cathedral as well as our vision for the future.  You’ll see why we believe that being part of a community of believers is so crucial to your relationship with Jesus.

Essentials 201

Session two examines what we consider to be the essentials of our beliefs and values.  We will also look at why we believe small groups are vital to living an authentic and vibrant Christian life!

Serving 301

Session three introduces you to the many opportunities to serve at FC church. You will hear about our SERVE Teams and identify some that may be a custom fit for you!  We believe that “each of us need all of us” in order to make the impact God has called us to make.