About Me:

Kim is an outgoing Christian who always tries to keep a smile on her face no matter how the day is going.  She loves children, Jesus Christ and her four beautiful children. Kim has served as our daycare director for eight years.  She wouldn't change her life for the world or the people she surrounds herself with!


Kim has four children; Trae Hart, Dakota Rion, McKenzie Brumfield and Gage Rion. 

Favorite Scripture:

Philippians 4:13

Favorite Book:

Faith to Faith (Daily Devotional, have had it for many years, and it never gets old)

Favorite Place to Vacation:

Anywhere where their is a beach, sun and water!!

Favorite Place to Eat:

Kamakazi & Hibachi Grill

iPod Favorites:

Any inspirational music, Kim also likes to go back "old school" and listen to my 90's music ;)


Spending time with family, they are all sports fanatics and all her children are involved in some kind of activity.  she also loves watching football, basketball, and UFC.

Regular Order at Starbucks:

Raspberry Frappa Mocha with Raspberry drizzle