Burn The PlowBy Pastor Rod & Traci

     To pursue a new life that is greater, we first have to make a decisive break with our old lives.  Jesus said, "Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these." (John 14:12)  So if God has called all of us to do great things, then why do most people not experience them?
     Elisha's story suggests it's because too often we pick the wrong place to begin pursuing the greater things God has for us.  When Elijah heard the word from God, He threw his cloak over Elisha shoulders, symbolic of him being his successor one day after he was gone.  Did Elisha immediately take off with Elijah on his journeys?  No.  The first step that Elisha made toward God was not to follow after Elijah, which presented God's purpose for his life, but to burn his plows so he had nothing to go back to.
    This is an example of Elisha's life that shows us how we can keep from getting stuck before we even set out on our journey to what's greater.   What plow is God calling you to burn today?   Do you feel like something is holding you back from pursuing God's design to do something greater in your life?
     God did not look at Elisha's ability, He looked at Elisha's availability.   Are you available to what God is calling you into.  Remember, none of us does great things for God in our own power, rather God does great things through us.   Before God can begin to make something greater out of our life, we'e got to give all of the life that we have to Him, because He gave it to us to begin with.
     Spend some time in prayer today praising our Lord and Savior for His greatness and offering yourself to do the greater thing He has in mind for you.  Be willing to burn a plow or two if He asked that of you.
    Pastor Rod and I love each of you so much.  Thank you for allowing us to serve our great church and thank you Jesus for the priviledge of being part of the Body of Christ.
With all of our love, God Bless you.  
Pastors Rod and Traci