Minor Adjustments Make a Major DifferenceBy Men's Pastor - Alan Jones

Adjustments.  They are just a part of life.  For the believer, they are a critical element that can make a major difference in unlocking God’s will. Adjustments are like tumblers in a combination lock.  Simple, deliberate movements in the right direction put you in a position to open the lock and enter in.

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In Henry Blackaby’s classic book, Experiencing God, he describes the importance of simply making minor adjustments in our life.  Sounds too simple. For me it was profound.  I realized that my decisions to NOT make minor adjustments was keeping me from His will.  He was calling me to something greater, but year after year I would simply complain about the conditions not being just right or some other lame excuse, rather than make a minor adjustment and put myself in a position to obey him.  For example, Jesus told Peter and Andrew to “come follow me”  and they left their nets at once (adjust) and followed him (obey).  Our plan would have been “Lord, I’m just going to drag this stinky net along behind me just in case this fisher of men thing doesn’t work out.”  No adjustment.  No obedience.  No blessing.  No changing the world.  We make the adjustment and put ourselves in position to make a major impact.

So here’s the question, “Am you really willing to adjust your life?”  When God invites you to join Him in His work, He has a “God-sized” assignment for you.  You won’t be able to do it on your own. The fact is, that if God doesn’t help you, you will fail.

Here are some statements that stop us from making adjustments in our life:

  • “That’s not wisdom.”  What we really mean is that this is not making sense to us and we let “logic” guide us under the disguise of “wisdom.”  We say something like, “we need to use wisdom here” which of course is true but that's not why we are saying it!  So we don’t make the adjustment and step out because we're hiding under the disguise of wisdom, which sounds noble.  If we have a close, intimate relationship with Jesus then we will know His voice and be more apt to step out and make the adjustments necessary, whether we understand them (in fact most of the time we probably won't understand them), or if they are logical or not.
  • “Better safe than sorry.”  How you live your life is a testimony to what you believe about God.  A few years ago I asked myself the question “how do I live my life?”  My honest answer was ‘safe, comfortable, controlled, maintainable.’  It’s hard to make adjustments in your life when you're addicted to atmosphere rather than change.  When we decide to remain in the state we're in, we never really know anything more about God.  We’ve got Him figured out.  The disciples didn’t turn the world upside down by being safe, comfortable, controlled and maintainable.  They were revolutionaries.
  • “That just doesn’t work for me.”  The classic default line of a person not willing to make the adjustment.  Believe me, I’m the poster-child for this.  It’s so easy to revert back to what we “know” and what “what works for us.”  But people watching will only see what I can do and they will never see what God can do.  It really doesn't matter if it works for me because it's not about me.

When we don’t make adjustments, we don’t put ourselves in a position to obey God.  We rely on “old faith” that got us where we are today.  When God gave the nation of Israel a new assignment, He seemed to require a new level of faith.  Old faith is less about faith and more about “formula.”  The things God did in the past were wonderful and important, but what worked yesterday or in some other person or church, may not be what God wants to use today.  He is calling you and I to make minor adjustments.

What is THE minor adjustment that you believe God is asking you to make right now in order to put yourself in a position to obey and fulfill His will?